If you are looking for commercial concrete polishing services in the Tonawanda, NY area, look no further than Paint of WNY. As a painting company, we have improved the safety of many facilities with proper industrial painting. But that wasn’t enough for us. We continued to provide excellent service by expanding into concrete polishing. After years and years of wear and tear, chances are your commercial flooring is looking a bit dull and distraught. In fact, varying degrees of conditions require different approaches to our polishing service.


Cleaner, Safer Floors

Commercial concrete polishing is important because it gives you options aside from simply having the floor look better. With a polished floor, you will have the option to cover it with an anti-slip coating. Thus, making your facility or commercial space even safer. Safer for work or pedestrians, depending on your operation. 


Why Choose Paint of WNY?

Simple, Paint of WNY has been serving the community since 2003 when the company was founded. Though the company has grown, we still approach every client diligently and consider it an honor to step foot on your property. We are heavily involved in the community. We invest in many local causes by sponsoring events, making donations, and offering our services for in-kind projects, and volunteering. 

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