Commercial Epoxy Flooring North Tonawanda, NY

Are you looking for commercial epoxy flooring in North Tonawanda, NY and the surrounding Western New York areas? Epoxy flooring is a functional and good looking type of flooring, causing it to be used by many businesses. It can withstand constant traffic, as well as maintain a professional appearance. Your business can greatly benefit from the high performance and durability of epoxy flooring. 

Why Choose Epoxy Flooring? 

  • Resistant to wear and tear: Even though there is lots of traffic, epoxy flooring is highly resistant to wear and tear. Over time, epoxy flooring continues to hold its shine and still look professional.
  • Easy to maintain: Epoxy flooring requires a small amount of maintenance and can withstand cleaning products and procedures. At Paint of WNY we properly install the floor which ensures the floor has no cracks or seams for dirt. . Quickly sweeping and moping keeps the floor looking immaculate even without polishing it.
  • Can Be Easily customized: Epoxy flooring is mostly the same but can also be customized to enhance its appearance. It can be customized with certain patterns, colors, and textures to match your business.
  • Easy to sanitize and hygienic: Commercial epoxy coating is USDA-approved and suited for the health care and food and beverage industries. It can withstand chemical disinfection and rooms that require strict hygiene requirements.
  • Tensile strength: Due to the concrete floor beneath it, epoxy flooring has better strength compared to other flooring options. Fully bonding with the concrete below makes this flooring able to hold heavy shelves, withstand heavy vehicle traffic, and heavy equipment.

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If you or your business is in the market for commercial epoxy flooring solutions, contact Paint of WNY today. Our dedicated team would love to help you freshen up your floor and provide a durable and safe option. 

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