Paint of WNY is the go-to commercial exterior painting service in the Buffalo, NY area. Having an appealing exterior for your business can a very important aspect of customer acquisition. If a new prospect who doesn’t already know your business and has no loyalty to it is passing by your building and it looks messy from the outside or it has a rugged look, there is a chance your business is passed by. This is why having an updated, fresh exterior could help catch an eye.

People pay attention to the first impression that businesses put forth. Even if you have already acquired a customer, client, or prospect for your business, if they come to your location, you will want to put your best foot forward and show as much trust and professionalism as possible. This could be with a business professional look, or an exterior that is fun/vibrant that matches the brand presented by you.

Why Choose Paint of WNY?

No matter what kind of commercial exterior painting you need, we can help! We consider it a privilege to work on your exterior to help you succeed! We are fully insured and have the following credentials:

  • Our craftsmen are skilled and dedicated
  • OSHA and EPA certified
  • Accreditation by the Better Business Bureau
  • Affiliated with the PDCA

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