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Commercial flooringWhen you need commercial flooring services, think of Paint of WNY. We have the tools and equipment to handle certain commercial flooring jobs. Our specialty for commercial flooring is floor coating services. We use a polyaspartic floor coating that provides a durable, cost-effective flooring solution that looks great. Making the floor extremely cleanable and even versatile on the color when installing. Light or dark flooring can be used, so you get exactly what you need for the best match.

Prior to our epoxy installation service, we can properly polish your floor and level it to be smooth and flat, prepping the surface for our durable epoxy flooring to be installed. For commercial and industrial uses in particular, these floors can be advantageous due to their resistances to a large number of chemicals. When time is of the essence, these floors can be installed quickly, to minimally affect your down time. These floors are also easy to maintain as they are seamless and liquid tight. Not to mention, they look great.

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