Garage Floor Painting Services Buffalo, NY

Are you in the market to get your garage floor painted in Buffalo, NY or the surrounding areas? Paint of WNY has the professionals you need to help assess what the best course of action will be for your garage floor. When dealing with garage flooring, one size does not fit all. The team at Paint of WNY can offer you multiple floor coverings and finishes. We also have different colors and can help you decide which options best fit your needs and personal style. Our floor coatings/paintings offer a non-slip surface which can help improve the safety of the floor. The coating is also durable enough to withstand equipment and vehicles wear and tear. 

About Our Garage Floor Painting Services

First and foremost, the garage floor must be stripped and prepared to recieve paint and coatings. We use a diamond grinder to acieve the best texture and to remove any contaminants that could be in the way. Once the floor has been prepared, we will assess the concrete floor and see if there are any repairs that need to be made. We can help take care of any cracks or holes that have been inflicted over the years. Once we fill in the holes and cracks, we can paint the floor. Once we are finihsed with your floor, you will thrilled with the new paint and feel it gives your garage. 


Trust the Professionals

At Paint of WNY, we strive to provide the best service possible to each and every customer. We have many well trained associates that are eager to help you with your painting projects. Our professional team will keep you informed throughout the process, and strive to give you satisfaction. Contact our team today! 

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