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interior home paintFor all your painting needs, you can rely on your local team of professional house painters, Paint of WNY. Painting a home can be quite a headache when you don’t have years of practice doing it every day. Sure you could paint your house on your own, but you will spend far longer, make a bigger mess, and probably not do as precise of a job. This is simply just because our professional house painters set the bar at such a high level. With precise accuracy, attention to detail, time efficiency, and cleanliness, we can get your house painted quickly. 

Aesthetic Appeal

If you are looking to improve your home’s aesthetics, whether to improve home value for selling or for your own pleasure, you can rely on us. We will provide you with aesthetic enhancing interior and exterior house painting that will look great and fit your home’s theme. Our house painting services are also great for when you need a completely new look for the surfaces of your home! 

Home exteriorCertified House Painters

To set ourselves apart from companies that claim to be at the same level we are, we  . Our painters are OSHA and EPA certified. They are also accredited by the Better Business Bureau and are affiliated with the PDCA. The craftsmen are also insured, which means you do not have to worry about any of your property getting damaged during the painting.

A Fresh Set Of Eyes

Another benefit of hiring us will be that we will help you see any weaknesses in your home. Because of the many decades we have been in business, our painters have done many jobs and seen a lot of homes. We know the signs of damage or weak spots and can spot decay, rotting, or rusting. We will let you know if your house is structurally sound and if there are any issues. Our painters can recommend a reputable artisan to fix your issues. A good paint job can also protect your house structure and keep it safe from water damage. We are happy to explain and answer your questions. 

Surface Prep

When it comes to surface preparation, a properly prepared surface makes a world of difference in the quality of the final result. Proper preparation will help extend the longevity of the overall paint job. When any traces of dirt, grime, dust, or other surface hinderance gets painted over, it creates a habitate where cracking and peeling in the paint can occur.  At Paint of WNY, we make sure to properly prepare every surface we paint on to ensure a job well done. We have all the proper tools and equipment needed to get a clean, smooth, paintable surface. We also use high-grade paint to help provide higher quality. With higher grade paint, you don't have as much risk of having to repaint the area as you do with low quality paint. 

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If you are in the Buffalo, NY area, choose Paint of WNY. Being locals, we know there are so many opportunities from Buffalo homes to be improved through interior and exterior paint. Whether you are renovating an old home as a landlord to boost your rental income potential, or you have moved into a home you are starting a family in, let Paint of WNY make your home look great!

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