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interior home paintFor all your painting needs, you can rely on your local team of professional house painters, Paint of WNY. We proudly serve the Clarence, NY area with unmatched interior and exterior house painting services. We achieve this not only by using high-grade premium paint, but also spending time doing high quality surface preparation. Prepping the surface for paint is one of the most important steps for a job well done. Our painting company does not skip out on important steps that make a big impact on the outcome of the final product.

Aesthetic Appeal

People often paint their homes for different reasons. For personal use, listing on the market, or maybe even a new build.  Just know, that hiring Paint of WNY will ensure a job well done every time. Whatever the theme of your home is, we will be sure to paint in a way that perfect complements the aesthetic you are aiming for. Whether it is a theme on the inside or paint outside that grabs the attention of passerbys, your surfaces will look better than new! With Clarence homes being as beautiful as they are, rely on on Paint of WNY is a great way to make sure your home fits in with the location.

Home exteriorCertified House Painters

Our painters are:

  • OSHA certified
  • EPA certified
  • Accredited the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Affiliated with the PDCA

Our craftsmen are also insured, which means you do not have to worry about any of your property getting damaged during the painting process. 

High Quality Every Time

Our house painters take each project one step at a time, realizing that every home is unique. We are flexibile with our approach but stick to the best practices for painting and surface prep to help ensure results that not only look great, but last.

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If you are in the Clarence, NY area, choose Paint of WNY for all your house painting needs. We are dedicated to improving the interior and exterior of each home we step foot in. We consider it an honor to come to your property and provide paiting services for you. 

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