Paint of WNY proudly provides industrial painting services to facilities of all kinds in the Buffalo, NY area. Our painting services can be relied on in the industrial setting. We have paint that helps extend the longevity of your equipment as it acts as a coating to help prevent rust buildup, protect against UV rays, corrosion, fire protection, and various weather patterns. Our job is to help protect your assets with various coatings and waterproofing. In an industrial setting, different facilities may require different safety codes to be met by using guidelines and colors that warn for hazards, risks, and other forms of danger. No matter what your industrial setting is, we can help extend the life of your assets and keep your facility's safety color painting up to code.

Keep your facility looking and operating its best with Paint of WNY’s industrial painting services!

How We Can Help Improve Your Facilities 

Facility PaintingWe have a variety of coatings and paint that can be used in different applications for different results.

  • Industrial Enamels – Industrial paint that ensures a professional and functional application.
  • Rust Inhibiting Coatings – Prevents and helps treat rust buildup before it becomes a problem requiring costly repair.
  • Epoxy Coatings – Extend the live and durability of your floors with epoxy coating while cutting down costs in the long run.
  • Urethane Coatings – This provides excellent UV and weather protection for your equipment to help extend longevity.
  • Alkyd Coatings – Oil-based paint that is ideal for enhancing a variety of surfaces. This is industrial-grade paint that is ready to be used in many applications.
  • Shellac Coating – Versatile polymer coating that is great for protecting metal surfaces.

Why Paint of WNY?

Paint of WNY has been serving clients around Buffalo, NY since 2003 when the company was founded. With hard work and a small crew, we completed 40 exterior painting projects in one summer. From then on, we have grown and fully appreciate every opportunity we get to work with people and improve their home, commercial or industrial setting. We believe in community involvement and giving back whether it is with volunteering our time or contributing funding to events or making donations. We are your local painters who want to make a difference!

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