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industrial paintingThe aesthetic of your commercial or industrial facility matters a lot. At Paint of WNY, we are dedicated to ensuring that your industrial equipment has an extended functional lifespan to serve for many years. Through experience, we understand that each commercial facility has its specific needs when looking for painting solutions. That's we provide high-quality, client-focused painting solutions using surface-specific paints, ensuring that your industrial site and structures look aesthetically clean, inside and outside.

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Paint of WNY boasts a team of professional industrial painters, trained, skilled, and experienced in applying surface coatings and paints. They understand the different types of equipment and building surface and can carefully select the right coat and paint for the job. We promise to work on your site discreetly and quietly with minimum disruption to your daily operations.

The quality of paint highly affects your industrial facilities and equipment's structural integrity and longevity. Paint of WNY uses only industry-leading paints and coatings. Therefore, you can leverage our top-tier products and equipment to apply fresh paint to your warehouse, thermal plant equipment, warehouses, and pipelines. Our paints include industrial enamel, urethane, alkyd, epoxy, shellac, and corrosion-resistant coatings for rust prevention.

We also ensure that our painting solutions have the least environmental impact, and we protect the health and safety of our expert painters. Paint of WNY is an OSHA- and EPA-certified painting company that uses environmental-friendly paints and painting techniques to ensure that your equipment and structures are protected from environmental elements while reducing our carbon footprint. Paint ages with time and may start flaking off, exposing surfaces to contaminants and harmful elements. We are affiliated to the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle, enabling us to proactively inspect any changes in your painted surface and act immediately to ensure your industrial site and machinery achieve a sustainable look.

Paint of WNY puts clients at the core of what we do, searching for practical ways to put your mind at ease as we paint your industrial facility. We are a fully insured Industrial Painting Company with liability insurance worth 1 million dollars. We also carry a 3-million-dollar workers' compensation scheme. That said, you'll have peace of mind, knowing that you're working with professionals committed to providing high-quality and safe industrial painting solutions.

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Are you looking for reliable, safe, and affordable industrial painters in Amherst, NY? Come to Paint of WNY, and we will be glad to provide painting services that improve your facility's and machinery's durability.

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