If you live or do business in the Tonawanda, NY area and need interior painting services, look no further than Paint of WNY! We have experience in interior painting for all kinds of clients. From large commercial clients to residential clients with small homes.

No matter what size space, we approach every painting project with attention to detail and an eagerness to make a difference in your home or commercial building. For over 16 years we have provided interior painting services to Tonawanda, NY, and the surrounding towns.

Diverse Challenges Create New Skills

With each new task at hand, a new set of challenges is faced. With a variety of skills and techniques, we are able to meet these challenges head-on and tackle them one project at a time. Some painting jobs require prep work, like surface repairs, knockdown texture, trim installation, kitchen cabinet painting and garage floor painting. The type of interior painting work you need will vary, but our well-versed and highly-skilled painters are experts in their trade!

Interior Home Painting

Whether you are looking to improve the aesthetics inside your home or you are looking to create a more visually appealing home to list on the market, enhancing your interior’s paint will make a drastic difference in appearance. Our professional painters will help get rid of marks on walls, ugly wallpaper, old paint, botched paint jobs, uneven paint on walls and so much more. What we will do, is create a space within your home that has a nice even coat of paint, follows the type of vibe you are looking for, makes your the room look brand new, and helps make your home more appealing visually!

Interior Commercial Painting

If you are looking for interior commercial painting, then you realize how important this aspect can be for business. Whether you are hosting clients in a business professional setting or your business is built around a brand with a particular color scheme, your interior paint needs to be just right. Fortunately, Paint of WNY understands this as well and we are honored to be welcomed into your home or business where we can provide the necessary painting services to make a difference!

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