Substrate Restoration

When your building has damaged surfaces or failed coatings, the longevity of your surface paint or coating is in jeopardy. Not just for the affected part, but the paint surrounding it. Once there is a significant weakness in the substrate, it is easier for dirt, debris, mold, moisture, and other elements to affect the integrity of the substrate.  

Different substrates may require different kinds of restoration. However, our team has seen them all. From drywall and wood to masonry and metal, we have restored countless substrates to ensure the quality of the paint job is elite.  Different treatments can be applied depending on the type of substrate and the condition that it is in in its current state. 

Proper surface preparation is extremely important when it comes to the quality of the paint job. For the most longevity possible, it is important to make sure the substrate is in as good of condition as possible. This becomes more challenging at times and can often require specialized equipment. Paint of WNY has all the proper tools and equipment needed for high quality restoration. Our painters are trained thoroughly on all of our equipment that we use for the process. We are also a certified and insured painting company and can provide you with proof of insurance so you know you are getting a highly qualified company for the job. 

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