Surface Repair/Preparation

Homeowners have to work hard to keep their property in good shape. Painting is a great way to protect your home and give it a whole new look. With proper surface repair and preparation from Paint of WNY, your home can look remarkably different in a short period of time.

The Importance of Proper Surface Preparation

One of the major concerns of painting your home is proper paint adhesion. Your surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned, to remove the dust, debris, and oils before painting begins, so your paint will adhere well. This results in a more durable, long-lasting surface.

Painting your home without taking the time to prepare the surface only makes the problems stand out even more. What makes a painted wall look flawless is the attention that is paid to the surface texture. If there are repair issues, they will still exist after painting and now it is easy to spot the interruptions in the otherwise smooth surface.

Priming your surfaces is another crucial step to having a beautiful paint job. Primer helps seal your surface, so the paint is not just absorbed by the plaster or drywall. Priming your surfaces also helps the paint look even everywhere, without any shade fluctuations.

Paint can cover a lot of flaws, but it cannot hide surface damage. You need a painting company that understands how important good preparation is, so you will have a home that you will be proud to show. At Paint of WNY, we are honored when a homeowner turns to us for home improvement. Our goal is to provide the finest home services at reasonable prices for each of our valued customers.

Contact Paint of WNY for Professional Surface Repair and Prep

Knowing how to properly prepare and repair a surface is a big part of a professional painter's career. At Paint of WNY, we take pride in providing a thorough surface preparation before we begin painting. If your home has surface repair issues, we will take the time to completely patch, sand, and prime your walls to create a smooth, clear surface.

Contact us today at Paint of WNY to find out more about our surface preparation and repair process, along with our other professional services.

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