Wallpaper Removal Services

wallpaper removalWallpaper removal can be a tedious and sometimes hard job, especially if it's your first time trying it. Without using the right equipment and techniques, you can easily damage the wall or leave many strips of wallpaper still stuck on the wall.

When you're remodeling your home, and you need to remove old wallpaper for a replacement or repainting, it's a good idea to engage a professional than to try it yourself.

Paint of WNY offers a wallpaper removal service, carefully scraping off the wallpaper and glue. And if there are any worn out parts on the wall, we expertly repair the surface and prime it for painting.

Let's help you get it Right the First Time.

Even with some essential tools lying around, you still might fail to get the work done in good time. Worse, you could exhaust yourself out and probably give up halfway. Our wallpaper removal pros get the process done fast, saving you time and energy.

We Have the Right Tools for the Job.

We are well equipped to handle both domestic and industrial scale wallpaper removal. We take our job seriously, and we come fully equipped with scouring tools, putty knives, specialized chemicals, and paint products if you're in for a full makeover.

We Can advise you on your New Interior Décor

What next after you remove all the old wallpaper? Are you thinking of some stylish options or keeping your options open? If you're into new ideas, we are the paint experts, and we know a few interior décor tricks.

Let us advise you on available wall texture options, possible color themes, and accessories to make your next project a success.

Create Stylish Backdrops with Knockdown Texture

Once we remove the wallpaper and your wall is left bare, we can cover it up with some knockdown texture to add some interesting visual contrast to the theme. Knockdown texture is a perfect choice for hiding wall and ceiling imperfections at a cost-effective price.

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For over 16 years now, we continue to serve the Getzville, New York area. If you're looking for a professional wallpaper removal service, or you need a new paint job, call us on (716) 863-1115 for a free quote.