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7 Tips for Painting Your Home


As spring rolls around, you may be feeling inspired to add a fresh Make painting your home easier with Paint of WNYcoat of paint to your home and the rooms within. This can easily be intimidating. Whether you don’t know where to start or don’t know what the best technique is, we have a handy tip for you.

1.) Surface Prep and Repair is Key

While this step may seem tedious, properly preparing and repairing the surfaces you’re going to paint will not only make sure your paint job looks better but it’ll help it last longer.

Before you get started, you’ll want to sand down any texture in the walls and patch any holes you see. This will help the paint adhere to the wall smoothly. You may also want to consider using a primer – especially if you’re painting over a bolder cover.

2.) Don’t Skip on the Proper Supplies

The proper supplies and high quality paint are also key to getting the results you want. We always use the best supplies and premium paint; this ensures that your project is completed properly and looks great the first time around, especially for more difficult projects.

3.) Paint One Wall at a Time

Focus on one wall before you move on to the next. This includes cutting each wall as you go, not all at the beginning. This will get you a seamless finish. As you switch tools from a brush to a roller, the paint will blend together better and leave you with that flawless look you want.

4.) Paint from Top to Bottom

Once you’ve cut your edges and move on to paint the rest of the walls, start at the ceiling and move downward. This will naturally cover any drips, smoothing them out as you roll over them. It also makes it less likely to leave streak marks and easier to end up with an even coat.

5.) Protect Anything You Don’t Want Painted

This may seem obvious, but it doesn’t hurt to issue a reminder. Put down drop cloths to protect the ground and move furniture away from the walls (it wouldn’t hurt to cover it too).

You also don’t want to forget to take off light switch covers and electrical outlet covers and cover baseboards and window trimming – think about anything you don’t want painted.

6.) Remember to Ventilate the Room

It’s no secret: paint has a strong smell to it. Before long, the room you’re working in will smell of paint, smell very strongly. To save yourself from the unpleasant feelings that can come from a room filled with that fresh paint smell, ventilate the room from the start.

Crack a window if you can, leave the door open and turn on a fan. It’ll even help the walls to dry faster too.

7.) Don’t Underestimate the Value and Ease of a Painting Service

When in doubt, a professional painting service is ready to handle any residential (or commercial) job you need. It’ll save you time and will guarantee that you get the results you want. We, at Paint of WNY, are a team of experienced professional painters that will get the job done with the proper, high quality supplies.

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