Knockdown Texture Installation

TextureAre you a looking to build a new home or remodel your current residence? Automatically this calls for a for an affordable wall finish. Look no further, knockdown texture is the perfect drywall finish for you. We at Paint of WNY achieve this finish by using various techniques to apply a drywall joint compound to create fine peaks that we then knock off to create a flattened peak. This type of treatment is good for sound control if you have extra rooms upstairs or adjacent.

The visual impact is aesthetically pleasing because the fine peaks hide any visible flaws on the flat finish wall. Tools that we use to create the finish include a spray can, roller, or a trowel.

Check the three types of textures we are fond of;

· Build Splatter

Splatter is the best-known kind of knockdown texture. To make the first peaks, a spray is used, after which the usual knockdown knife is used to flatten them. If you are looking to install the knockdown texture on your ceiling by this design, we recommend using another tool instead of the spray to avoid the excessive mess it creates from the splash-back.

· Stomp

Compared to the other two texture styles, this texture has a higher surface elevation. At Paint of WNY, we achieve this texture by making a loose mixture of water and ready to mix drywall mud. We then use a roller to apply onto your walls. This texture is the most prominent of the three.

Next, we use a stiff-bristled brush to make the peak impressions before using a knock knife to give your walls the perfect textured feel.

· Mud trowel

To achieve this texture, we use a curved trowel to mold the drywall mud. We aim to leave the mud making globules on the surface. This textured style requires a lot of patience to finish and takes the most time. They say the best things take time, making this particular texture more intriguing.

We like to ensure we leave behind a clean working space, so we take time to set up and prepare the space for the mess that comes with creating these textures. Knockdown Texture Installation is much stress-free and safer if you have it done by professionals.

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