Exterior Waterproofing

Waterproofing your commercial property helps make the surfaces look great, but provides several benefits to your building, including creating a stronger building; reducing maintenance costs; increasing property value; and improving indoor air quality. Our trained technicians will assess your commercial building and create a customized exterior waterproofing plan for your structure using a variety of techniques like caulking, glazing, repairing control joints and more. 


Commercial windows are typically installed with a rubber gasket, commonly referred to as a dry seal. This seal relies on pressure from the window itself to keep the  moisture out. Eventually, these gaskets shrink and deteriorate. Once they are no longer an effective moisture barrier, they need to be replaced. The replacement technique is known as wet glazing because the silicone sealant is wet, as opposed to the dry rubber gasket. These silicone seals will help increase thermal resistance, lowering building energy costs.

Control Joints

Cementitious masonry products shrink over time, causing them to crack. Control joints are vertical weak planes intentionally installed into any masonry project expected to experience shrinkage, to control where the cracks occur. Most control joints are detailed to joint sealant to prevent moisture seepage—and initially this sealant is flexible enough to stretch as the joints expand, while still retaining its waterproofing abilities. Eventually over time though, the sealant loses flexibility and begins to allow moisture in. That’s when it needs to be replaced.

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