At Paint of WNY, we consider ourselves experts of all surfaces; this includes a specialty in commercial and residential flooring services. Our flooring professionals offer a comprehensive approach to maintaining your commercial flooring or residential garage floor. So, whether you need an epoxy floor system installed at your commercial property or your home garage floor cleaned and primed, Paint of WNY has got you covered.

Epoxy Floor, Buffalo, NYPreparing concrete flooring is a great strategy for a long-lasting, attractive surface for customers or visitors alike. Regardless if you need your garage floor cleaned or an entire facility polished, Paint of WNY has an efficient process to get the job done right quickly and beautifully.

Our flooring services include:

Commercial Concrete Polishing

Paint of WNY's concrete polishing service provides a beautiful shine and improved performance for your facility's floors. After handling thousands of sq ft of polished concrete, our skilled team knows the ins and outs of each project's unique needs. Prior to this service, it's necessary to determine if your floor is acceptable for polishing. The level of polishing is determined by the condition of the floor. With our specialized equipment, we're able to tackle polishing for a large variety of applications.

Concrete polishing provides a great new look and shine to floors while increased performance and safety. Polished concrete is easy to clean and can be coated with anti-slip conditioners for an even safer floor. With our industry-leading polishers and procedures, your concrete floor will look and feel brand new.

Commercial Epoxy Flooring

An epoxy flooring system provides commercial and industrial operations with a durable, long-term, and cost-effective flooring solution. Not only is your business a priority, but the safety of its flooring certainly is too; that's why you want a skilled technician with professional equipment to handle the challenges of epoxy flooring.

The benefits of epoxy flooring include a more durable, cleanable, and safe floor for your facility. Available in a variety of styles and properties, epoxy flooring can be light or dark, whatever enhances your floor the most! When your facility requires a hygienic environment, easy-to-clean epoxy flooring is a necessity.

Residential Polyaspartic Garage Floor Coating Services

Between travel and weather alone, it's likely your garage floors go through a lot. Worrying about stains and cracks in your garage floor can fall down on the priority list as a homeowner. At Paint of WNY, we offer polyaspartic garage floor coating services (also known as garage floor painting) to bring life back to your garage. Your garage will look great, but this garage floor coating will also be more equipped to handle the weight of vehicles and heavy equipment, making it versatile for use and looks. 

After cleaning the garage floor with professional cleaning products and tools, our flooring team prepares its surface by sealing cracks and grinding the concrete to make a level surface to apply the polyaspartic. Once the polyaspartic flooring is sealed, not only will your garage look and feel new, but it will also be easier to maintain down the road. 

If you are ready to strengthen your garage floor with our efficient polyaspartic garage floor coating, then rely on our professionals. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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