Over time, your garage floor likely has taken a real beating. Wear and tear can be slow and steady, yet wreck havoc on a garage floor.  Stains, cracks, and broken pieces of a concrete garage floor can often end up on the back burner. If you are ready to improve your garage floor, Paint of WNY is the team that can do it. We can improve both commercial and residential properties with our garage floor coatings. These coatings are designed to be durable and easier to maintain. If your garage is in really rough condition, it is no problem for us! After a good professional cleaning with our special tools and equipment, we will flatten the surface out and apply the polyaspartic floor coating.

Commercial Garage Floor Coating

kitchen floor coatingThis is especially useful for commercial garage floors as oftentimes the safety of employees and/or pedestrians are a concern. Our floor coatings offer a non-slip surface that will help improve safety for everyone involved. The coating is also durable enough to withstand heavy equipment and vehicles.

Residential Garage Floor Coatings

The same is true with our residential garage floors. Though, usually prone to less heavy equipment, these garage floors will be easier to clean, flat, non-slip, and durable. Your floor will be easier to maintain for a long-lasting result that looks great and is functional.

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Paint of WNY has been proudly serving Buffalo, NY and the areas around Western New York since 2003 and is committed to helping the community. We have been involved by making donations, volunteering, and sponsoring events. Community is important to us in addition to providing unmatched services. We consider it a privilege to step on to your property and provide you with the best garage floor painting services. Call us today for more information.

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