We know that industrial building painting services differ between application. Whether it’s pipelines, warehouses, or power or utility plants, each facility requires an individualized approach to interior and exterior paintings and coatings. We understand the importance of the operations in many industrial facilities, with specific guidelines and safety codes effecting the work our industrial painters perform. It’s our goal to improve the look of your facility without disrupting any functionality or operations.

Industrial painting services provide more than a sustainable look and feel to your facility. Applying certain high-quality coatings to equipment can increase longevity and benefit your facility long-term. Paint of WNY has years of experience working in manufacturing, warehouse and utility applications providing us with the knowledge to enhance and preserve the structure of your equipment and facility.

Keep your facility looking and operating its best with Paint of WNY’s industrial painter services!

Our Industrial Painting Expertise Includes:

Industrial Enamels

Using industry-leading products is what helped us get to where we are. Industrial enamel paint is used in each industrial project to ensure a professional and functional application.

Rust Inhibiting Coatings

Treat and prevent rust buildup before it becomes a costly equipment repair problem with a special rust preventing coating.

Epoxy Coatings

Enhance durability and cost savings with an epoxy floor coating.

Urethane Coatings

Provide excellent UV and weather protection for your equipment with an anti-corrosion urethane coating.

Alkyd Coatings

For industrial-strength coatings made for an industrial facility, alkyd coating is a versatile oil-based paint ideal for enhancing many surfaces.

Shellac Coatings

A versatile polymer coating, shellac offers increased functionality and great protection for metal surfaces.

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