Kitchen Cabinet Painting for Buffalo, NY

Are you remodeling or painting your kitchen? Paint of WNY offers kitchen cabinet painting to help enhance their appearance. Our kitchen cabinet painting services are ideal for landlords or anyone who doesn't want to paint themselves. When entering the kitchen, the cabinets are usually the first thing that greets your eye. The kitchen's aesthetic can be thrown off by old, grainy, outdated cabinets.  


Benefits of Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Getting your kitchen cabinets painted has many benefits and adds to the appeal of your home. Lots of money can be saved by getting the cabinets painted instead of replaced. On average the cost of replacing kitchen cabinets is over $5,000. Besides being cost-effective, it can add durability and stop any more wear and tear on the wood. 


Why Choose Paint of WNY?

When you choose Paint of WNY, you get an experienced team that is driven by hard work and provides great customer service.  Our values are what guide us and allow us to operate the way we do. We value safety, responsiveness, honesty, professionalism, reliability, capability, and fairness. Our painting company is fully insured, OSHA and EPA certified, accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and affiliated with the PDCA. Transform your old kitchen cabinets with a makeover that is less disruptive, noninvasive and affordable. Painting will give you the quick update you are looking for without taking up too much time or money in an effortless way!