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Why Surface Preparation Is Important Before Painting


commercial building paintingIt makes sense that you would want to have a properly prepared surface before laying down that first coat of paint. But what are the true reasons behind quality surface preparation before painting? It goes beyond having a smooth surface to paint on.

Paint Adhesion

When it comes to surface prep, using an eye test won’t cut it. Though your surface may appear to be clean, very small traces of dust, dirt, and mold can hinder the paint from properly adhering to the surface. This can cause paint to chip, peel, flake, and rub off. This causes an assortment of problems. More time and money and up being sunk into what should be a one time job. 

Even painting

Part of surface prepping is laying down a base of primer properly. Without a proper base of primer, your painting could end up looking uneven. A good coat of primer helps the paint absorb more evenly across the entire wall. 


To extend the longevity of your paint job, surface prep is crucial. Damp walls, dirt, and cracks can shorten the life of your paint job, even if the quality of the pain you are using is good. If you take the time to properly prep your surfaces, you will extend the time before you need to repaint or repair your wall as long as there are no other external damages outside of the paint and wall structure itself. 

Remove Old Paint

It is important to remove the old paint. Especially if this paint is flaking, chipping, or rubbing off. Old paint can easily accumulate dust, dirt, grime, mold, and other hindrances to a new paint job. In some cases, old paint can contain lead or asbestos. Our professionals have the proper tools and protective equipment to properly deal with these obstructions for a safer, better looking surface.

Quality Paint

This one is important. It may be tempting to use cheaper paint, but with cheap paint, you get what you pay for. You may wind up having to sink more time or money into repainting much sooner than if you use quality paint. 

Rely On Our Professionals

To ensure the highest quality of painting, rely on Paint of WNY. We have done countless painting jobs that require surface preparation, so we can get it done thoroughly and quickly. You won’t need to spend hours and hours taking on the project and potentially doing it in a way that will require more attention sooner than later. 

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