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When is the Best Time to Paint Your Home?


As spring sweeps through Western New York, the urge may be interior painting projectstriking you to start the list of home improvement projects. Whether it’s an interior room or the entire exterior of your house, you might be wondering when the best time is to tackle your painting project.

Even though now may seem to be screaming, “Now’s the time to paint!” Is it really?

Best Time to Paint Your Home’s Exterior

To keep the answer simple, the best time to paint the outside of your house is in the summer.

This seems a bit obvious, but what kind of weather should you be looking for? Is there a point where it’s too warm? And can you get away with it in the spring or even fall?

Summer is the best time because of its typically dry, clear skies. But there’s a point where it can be too hot – those are the days you want to avoid. Your paint may dry too quickly or it may give you a look less than ideal. In addition, you don’t want to pick an overly humid day as the paint will take even longer than normal to dry.

That leaves the best conditions in late spring-early summer to early fall. You’ll find the best temperatures here and closest to ideal weather conditions.

Best Time to Paint Your Home’s Interior

In contrast frompaiting the outside of your house in summer, you can paint the interior of your home in the winter. As you're stuck inside on the cold weather days, painting your home’s interior walls is a great weekend activity.

Really, you can paint your home’s interior walls any time of year – just avoid overly humid days. But the winter is a great way to break up your painting projects.

In Conclusion

Now you know when to paint the interior and exterior of your home. Next it’s time to figure out the how. Painting your home can be your next DIY project, or you can save yourself the effort and leave it to the pro painters.

At Paint of WNY, we can tackle your exterior house painting safely while focusing on the details. Additionally, we can paint the interior of your home with our high quality tools to get you the results you want the first time.

Contact us for a quote for your home’s painting project.

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