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How Often Should You Paint the Outside of my Home?


As the warm weather of Western New York is finally setting in, your mind is likely turning toward what home improvement projects you want to complete. Whether it’s chipping paint, fading or maybe it’s just been a while, you might be thinking about adding painting the exterior of your house to that list of projects.

But is it time?

Sometimes it may seem obvious that it’s time for a fresh coat of exterior paint, but as such a costly project you want to be sure it’s time for it.

To give you the quick answer, exterior house painting should be completed every five to 10 years, varying depending on the material of your home’s siding and the craftsmanship of the last paint job?

Signs it’s Time to Paint your House’s Exterior

The easiest way to determine if it’s time to find a team of exterior house painters is by looking at the exterior of your house and its paint. Look for chipping, cracking, peeling and fading.

The purpose of exterior paint isn’t just to provide curb appeal, but it also provides some protection to your home and the siding.

The general rule of thumb, based on material, is:

  • Every 3 to 7 years for wood siding and surfaces (varies heavily with weathering)
  • Every 5 years for aluminum siding
  • Every 5 to 6 years for stucco structures

Of course, these years are just a general idea, not a hard and fast rule. You’ll want to look into house painting when it’s best for you, your home and your wallet.

A Team of Exterior House Painters to make the project easy

If you decide it is time to paint your house, save yourself time and look at a team of exterior house painters like the team we have at Paint of WNY. We are experienced exterior painters who will leave your home looking great. 

House painting is a big project and doing it for a DIY can be risky. This is one project you might want to turn to the professionals for. So, click here for more information or contact us for a free estimate!

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