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3 Signs it’s Time to Repaint the Interior of Your Home


Whether you’re getting a home decor bug or it’s just beeninterior painting by paint of WNY a while since you’ve given your home’s interior walls a fresh coat of TLC, you’re likely wondering if it’s time to repaint. While there is a general idea of how often you should revisit the interior paint of your home, there are some key signs to look at.

The Quick Answer to Residential Interior Painting

The quick answer to how often to call the interior painters in is to aim for every is every five to 10 years. More lived in spaces like the kitchen, bedrooms and hallways is more frequently. For those aim for every two to three years and as needed.

The simple answer isn’t always the most helpful, so here’s a list of signs to look for to know it’s time to break out the tarps and paint brushes or call the house painting service.

1.) Your Tastes Have Changed

Simply put, paint whenever you want to. When you originally painted your walls you may have wanted to create a bright red accent wall and as the years have gone by, maybe you want something more neutral. If you’re redecorating or just like something different, it’s a good reason to paint.

2.) The Interior Wall Paint is Showing Signs of Age

While the exterior of your home bears the brunt of the weather, your inside wall paint can show the signs of it too. If you live near the coast, salty air will impact your interior paint. In addition, bright sun will fade your paint over time.

If your walls start peeling, cracking or fading, it’s a good indicator that it’s time to paint the interior of your home.

3.) Life Happens, and the Dirt has Accumulated

Even if your paint fights stains and you take good care to clean it, it’ll likely get dirty over time and begin showing its age. This will be most notable in high traffic areas: hallways, bathroom, kitchen and kids’ bedrooms. Whether it’s scuff marks, grease stains or any other number of things, your paint will eventually start showing signs of its age. When that happens, it’s not a bad idea to give your home’s walls a fresh coat.

To Wrap it Up

If you’re ready to give your interior walls a fresh coat of paint, go ahead and paint it! If you want to make things simpler, contact our team of professionals at Paint of WNY. Our pro painters will help make it simple and take the hard work out of it, leaving you to enjoy the results.

For more information, visit our residential interior painters page or contact us for a free estimate!

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